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ERP System

ERP system is a multi-tenant system that provides a full range of key modules to support business operations, especially for IT outsourcing companies. With easy-to-customize modules and features, ERP will fully meet the needs of their business and help automate activities related to enterprise resources to reduce processing time and optimize business management.

Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions
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Our company

1platform Solution is a consulting and implementing firm of digital transformation and solution for organizations and businesses. At 1platform, we know that delivering the best customer and digital experience is crucial for top performing brands. We open a gateway to a modern, digital, and global economy, innovating and powering the traditional model of organizations and enterprises to bring them productivity and success.

ERP Solution Suite

KOMU - Internal Communication System

Entering the digital era, especially during and after the impact of the global epidemic, remote working has become more and more popular. Therefore, enterprises need an internal communication solution to solve the problem of connecting people, manage time and work progress effectively, create entertaining and gathering space while working remotely. And Komu is all that enterprises need to solve those problems.

CRM - Internal Communication System

CRM efficiently supports collecting and managing customer information, tracking and evaluating potential customers, and in-depth linkage with related departments. CRMs give a single place to manage information pulled in from email, voice calls, and other channels to help you organize your workflows and business processes, so you can collaborate, close more deals, and get more done.

HRM - Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a tool to help businesses manage and develop human resources comprehensively. HRM helps to manage employee information from recruitment to onboarding, training, improving, and promoting. Based on complete and detailed data, enterprises can effectively evaluate and define their human resource development strategy.

Check In - Check-in Management

Check-in Management is an application which helps to manage and control employee attendance data, making it quick and simple to exploit and update data, allows employees to track their own real-time attendance information and the HR department to easily summarize information for payroll and other tasks.

Timesheet - Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management is a tool which allow staff, manager and HR to automatically calculates, stores, and controls employee working time data in a prompt and simple way.

Finfast - Finance Management

Finance Management (Finfast) is the optimal financial management solution for businesses. Finfast is a place to help store and digitize invoices and documents of businesses, making management easier and more systematic.

Project - Project Management

Project Management is a solution to manage human resources, progress, and quality of projects. All information about members, tasks, working time, important milestones for each step of the project, plans, and estimates of the project will be managed systematically to easily control and analyze the entire project implementation process.

IMS - Information Management System

Information Management System (IMS) is an enterprise's management channel of information, documents, and knowledge. All policies, news, and announcements are updated quickly, accurately, and centrally, making it easy for employees to access and not miss information, thereby contributing to building internal corporate culture.

Checkpoint - Checkpoint Management

Checkpoint Management provides a solution to review and evaluate employee capacity for the Research and Development Department. Based on the set of criteria for assessing capacity, the leader can evaluate the employee’s strengths & weaknesses, the improvement & achievement, and consider requesting higher payroll, remuneration or position for the employee.

Talent Management

Talent Management is the solution to support companies’ recruitment. It helps to store recruitment campaign information, update recruitment progress, recruitment requests, manage candidate information & application history, plan interview schedule, and report interview result

LMS - Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) is efficient tool support for training procedures in a company. All training documents related to each certain technology, level, and position are updated on LMS so that newbie can have a complete and systematic tool for learning and improving capabilities.

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The most advanced companies understand that while cloud sets you up with next-level computing power and access to new kinds of data in the right quantity and quality, AI is the bridge to convert that data into business value. 1platform offers AI consulting services and solutions that will help you lower your risk, achieve your business objectives faster, while setting you up for sustainable growth.

Blockchain is changing the way the world lives and works, but it is only a means to an end, not the end in and of itself. We can assist you in utilizing this technology to propel your future transformation. 1platform creates a gateway to a global economy built on blockchains, innovating and powering the traditional model of finance, game, education, payment, entertainment, insurance, etc.

The wave of technology keeps moving, settling down and being afraid to deviate from the status quo are certain to be left behind. Therefore, instead of settling, we always try to update and improve our knowledge to deal with every challenge and innovation.

In business, sustainability refers to doing business without negatively impacting the environment, community, or society as a whole. Beyond helping curb global challenges, sustainability can drive business success. At 1platform, we use environmental, social, and governance metrics to analyze organization’s ethical impact and sustainability practices. We examine factors such as a company’s carbon footprint, water usage, community development efforts, and board diversity.